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Delivering Accurate, Reliable Cost Estimating for Challenging Projects and Demanding Clients
Serving PA, NJ, and NY
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AACE International Certified

AACE International (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering) certification is a rigorous standard, and  is widely recognized in the construction industry. AACE provides support for research, documentation, on-going training, and certification of construction professionals, in Cost Engineering, Scheduling and Project Management fields. DeBruyn Group offer services primarily in the PA, NJ, and NY/Tri-state areas, but are also active in markets across the US. Learn more about DeBruyn Group services by clicking the button below:" 

Estimating Experts for Multiple Markets

We provide detailed estimates, based on your preliminary information, to effectively help your team manage construction costs throughout the design phases of your project.  We have extensive experience  estimating construction for markets including: Health Care, Higher Education, Institutional and Museum, Historic Restoration, Pharma and Process facilities, K-12, and many more.

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Insurance Reconciliation Specialists 

Insurance recoveries after major disasters often appear inadequate when the bills for rebuilding come in.  Our experience with insurance industry procedures, and our real-world construction expertise allow us to review and understand where the reimbursement is incorrect, and how to get the maximum fair recovery. Want to know more? Click the button below. 

Document Review

Our document review process involves a meticulous examination of project-related documents, including architectural drawings, engineering specifications, contracts, and other relevant documentation. Our skilled professionals in document review carefully analyze these materials to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. We will identify any errors, inconsistencies, or omissions that may impact the project's feasibility, budget, or timeline. Through our comprehensive document review process, we are able to provide our clients with the confidence that their project plans are sound, and potential risks and issues have been identified and addressed. Don't wait to get started, click the button below. 

Expert Witness Testimony

Mr. DeBruyn offers his extensive career experience to provide litigation and negotiation support in cases regarding construction cost, and construction deficiencies. His experience reviewing and comparing bids, estimates and construction changes has allowed him to successfully assist in multiple negotiations. We offer our services to clients located in PA, NJ, and NY. Click the button below to contact us. 

Major Projects

Mr. DeBruyn has provided estimates for several landmark buildings and projects on the East Coast including:

  • in Philadelphia;

    • The Liberty Bell Pavilion,

    • The Constitution Center

    • Penn Singh Nanotechnology Building

    • Philadelphia City Hall Facade Restoration

  • in Washington;

    • The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

    • Museum of American Art

    • Dumbarton Oaks Museum

  • In New Jersey​

    • The NJ State Library​

    • The PGA Golf House and Museum

  • In Pennsylvania​

    • Pharma Consumer Products Plant 1m sf​

    • Confidential National Brand bottling plant

    • Einstein Montgomery Hospital

    • Confidential Corporate data center 100K sf.

    • Confidential Medical Campus relocation feasibility study

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Visit Our Blog

We periodically update our blog, with topics of interest regarding construction estimating, including escalation calculations and predictions, sustainability topics, and other construction topics. Click the button below to view more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose DeBruyn Group for my Construction Estimating needs? 

    • Equity:  All projects, from residences or small renovations, to million square foot hospital relocations are our primary focus. Our only interest is to provide you the most accurate possible information.

    • Experience.  Our founder has been providing estimating services in the PA/NY/NJ/CT region in a wide variety of markets and building types since 1998.   He is involved in every estimate we produce. 

      • Accuracy.  For the most recent 20 estimates that have been competitively bid, we are averaging less than 1% variance from the average low bid.

      • Ease.  We work hard to provide client centered services, and we deliver on time, with no excuses.

      • Veracity.  We will tell you what we think. While estimators can provide bad news as often as good, it is in our long-term interest that our clients are provided with the truth,

  • What services do you provide?

    • Estimating - prior to having enough information to bid a project, owners often need to know what their project will cost.  We provide that early estimate, and base it on all of the information available at the time of the estimate.

    • Expert Witness - Mr. DeBruyn's long experience in the industry gives him insight to cost and other construction disputes invaluable during negotiations and litigation.

    • Insurance Reconciliation - When the insurance company offers you less than you believe is owed after your disaster, we can request the right documents, and review them to maximize your fair recovery.

  • How does it work?

    • Clients typically provide some documentation of the project they would like to have estimated, sometimes as little as an address and some photos.  ​

    • We review the documents and propose a fee for the service.

    • The client approves the fee, and provides any additional information that becomes available.

    • We produce the estimate, by the date we agree to, and provide the necessary support to reconcile, reformat or otherwise adjust the estimate to fit the clients needs.

  • How can I contact you?



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Construction Estimating 

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