We utilize industry standard methods for our estimating process, as recognized by ASCE.  

ASCEI Certified
Design Phase Estimating

Fast-track, or design/bid/build,  we provide estimating services to identify cost changes due to design, program, or schedule. In today’s fast paced design climate, understanding the cost of changing project requirements is crucial to maximizing project quality and owner satisfaction.  We review all available information, and apply our extensive experience to identify cost drivers, and provide specific feedback to help the team maximize program and quality, while achieving schedule and cost goals.

DeBruyn Group brings inside knowledge to assist you in recovering from a loss.  We combine extensive experience in the real world of construction with expertise in  insurance industry estimating tools.  We do not have ties with any insurance providers, assuring that we can fairly evaluate your claim.  Our experts will determine what items may have been overlooked or misunderstood and will provide certainty that your insurance recovery is fair. We  also provide independent third party resolution and arbitration services.

Insurance Reconciliation
Document Review

Throughout the process we provide meaningful feedback on issues as we encounter them.  We also offer a systematic review of documents to minimize bidding and construction issues.

We provide photo and dimensional documentation for existing spaces to allow designers to focus on the client and the space, not the numbers during initial site visits.  Documents can include 3d photography, drone overflights, and traditional photo documentation.  We provide on-site support for due diligence facility documentation activity.

Site Inspection