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How does the booming stock market help the man in the street?

Giving away federal funds to support companies, that results in record breaking stock markets, even while the companies being valued so highly are showing declining earnings doesn't seem like the best use for our tax dollars.

Writing a check to everyone in the country to cover economic losses that are not determined also seems like unnecessary largess, although aid to those in need seems like the only humane option.

Why can't the power classes get on the same page and provide relief to those who really need it?

And remember your economics 101 - supply and demand. The reason that the stock market is soaring, has nothing to do with the economic reality on the ground - most companies, with a few notable exceptions, are struggling. The market is high, well above reasonable valuations, simply because there is a lot of investment demand chasing those stocks.

Get money in the hands of people and institutions that will use it - to create additional economic activity, not investors that will sock it away.

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